Sunday, April 26, 2009

obama support steady and solid

let's be realistic: these poll numbers are gonna shift downward at some point. maybe go back up, fall again. but while there while there may be traces of disapproval about immigration, torture, and how he's dealt with the auto industry, somewhere around day 100 barack hussein obama has a 69% approval rating. and that's not all:
"Majorities said that Obama has exceeded their expectations in his first three months in office, has accomplished big things and has kept his main campaign promises. Further, public optimism about the economy and the country's direction also remain on the rise since his election...

Majorities of Americans also approve of how he is handling health care, global warming, taxes and Cuba, four areas in which the administration has tried to stake new ground in its first few months."
the abc news/washington post poll also includes some ishy news for republicans:
"21 percent of those surveyed said they identify as Republicans, the fewest to do so in a Post-ABC poll in more than 25 years. Last fall, Democrats outnumbered Republicans at the polls by the biggest margin in network exit polls going back to the 1982 midterms."

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