Wednesday, April 29, 2009

obama is not a terrorist...

...he's an actual terror attack. this is what the leader of the republican party approvingly reports "his friend" believes. (listen closely and see if you can delineate between the alleged dinner party conversation and the snippets of opinion thrown in as fact and his own personal opinion, all mixed up together.)

and we're supposed to have a civil, honest discussion about anything when republican after republican grovel at this guys feet? seriously now...

(hat tip media matters)

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  1. it's hard to keep up with the rhetorical tricks he uses in this one little 2:36 bit.

    Soros' hatred of America is well known...everybody knows... argumentum ad populum

    guests think king of saudi arabia
    obama is eager to paralyze our ability to defend ourselves - which what our enemies want...Enthymeme (assuming one thing to prove another)
    and at least three others...
    the most nauseating of them being the use of unnamed third parties to spout beliefs that he can later disavow if they prove to incendiary.

    I'm curious about the comment, "the terrorists, they're entertainers", which is an interesting comparison coming from a self-proclaimed entertainer.

    The only opinion he takes ownership of is to say that "Saul Alinsky" is the man behind the curtain. Which is curious because Saul died in 1972...


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