Saturday, April 11, 2009

"i'm not all the way crazy"

have you met jesco white?

jesco – also known as jesse, also known as elvis – was born in 1956 in bandytown, west virginia, a tiny mountain town in the hills of boone county. he is an acclaimed appalachian mountain dancer, clogger, and entertainer.

jesco met his wife norma jean while hitchhiking one christmas eve, and while he originally intended to rob her, he instead fell in love.

the pbs documentary "dancing outlaw", first released roughly 17 years ago, tells the story of jesco's deep desire to carry on in his father's famous footsteps, reveals the troubled marriage he had to norma jean, and chronicles his love of huffing, and all things elvis.

my deepest thanks to raeleen mcmillion for introducing me to jesco all those years ago, making me a fan for life. if you're anything like me, this excerpt will send you scowering the internet for more. or you could just click this here link and get your own damn copy of the original documentary.


  1. This sort of reminds me of an independent film my friend Bubba just produced.


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