Thursday, April 2, 2009

i'm eighteen and i like it

(the last time i was eighteen. with jane perrot in "bye bye birdie" - 1981)

eighteen years ago today rita johnston became the first female premier of a canadian province, succeeding william vander zalm (who had resigned) as premier of british columbia. more than words by extreme was blaring from every car radio and boom box in my milwaukee neighborhood. the dow jones industrial average had just dropped 32.67 points to close at 2,881.19, a loss of just over 1 percent.

and around 11:30 pm i decided to quit smoking crack.

so tomorrow i'm eighteen. does that mean i can drink again?


  1. wasn't jane the foreign exchange student for you class?

  2. ah jane, the lil irish lass...them were the daze.....I saw the cover of the hi-liter with the "new" birdie...not even I was good...thanks Tone!!! haha

  3. OOh you were 18 and you liked her! Or maybe she liked you. it,her,it her.. Role? Hugo?

  4. liked her? i barely remembered her. (i'm sorry jane, i had to look up your name in the yearbook, quite honestly.) no. my "liking" was reserved for someone else.

    that's so not the point, though...

  5. congrats on turning 18.
    p.s. no you can't drink. (drinking age is 21 now.)

  6. rick...jeff ircink. you were in that musical? i didn't know - or forgot. funny...i wasn't the least bit interested in theater back then...


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