Sunday, April 19, 2009

grey matter

the hbo film grey gardens premiered tonight. it stars jessica lange and drew barrymore as big edie and little edie bouvier beale, the aunt and first cousin of jacqueline bouvier kennedy onassis, who ended up living in squalor and isolation in an 14-room mansion in east hampton, ny.

jessica lange has always been on the top of my list (something i was lucky enough to tell her in person a few years back, as she was nuzzling my dog reggie, in salt lake city, utah.) from francis to men don't leave to rob roy to big fish, i think she's one of the best there is. and in this film she is nothing short of remarkable.

which is why no one is more surprised than me to say i could not take my eyes off of drew barrymore.

hbo's grey gardens runs until may 29, and is available on demand as of monday – don't miss it. and put the original 1975 albert and david maysles documentary in your netflix cue a.s.a.p. or get it from the tuesdays amazon store.


  1. thanks for this heads-up, tony. watching it tonite. had no idea what "grey gardens" was about until now (not even the Broadway show...i know - i suck). drew got a great review by the LA Times and a horrible review by a paper in Dallas. you seemed to like her (if that's what you mean by not being able to take your eyes off her). i shall see tonite. are you back in NY or still in Ventura?

  2. i loved the movie. i am somewhat obsessed with the beale women now. what a story. and sad, too. there has to be some mental illness with both ladies, don't you think? lil edie was gorgeous when she was young. sad? happy? they seemed happy, didn't they?


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