Saturday, April 25, 2009

god hates parents of figs, too!

the high school kids in this video, from walt whitman high school in bethesda, maryland (many of them, in fact, christian) are the future of our country. the seven angry people across the street? not so much.

you guessed it: more creative counter-protests to those joy-spreaders from the fred phelps / westboro baptist church crew. (please, please don't let them stop!) what i didn't realize is that apparently god doesn't hate only figs, he's pretty pissed at the fig parents too (sorry paw.)

money quote from rebekah phelps-davis:
"god says it's an abomination to be a fag, and their parents teach them that it's okay to be gay. thereby they're calling god a liar. they also tell them that god loves them as they are...that couldn't be further from the truth.

as a parent, if i had a homosexual child standing in front of me, i would tell them plain and straight what the word of god is. and i would also believe that god is punishing me if he gives me a homosexual child because the sins of the fathers are played out on the children."

while admittedly the westboro flock is a bunch of loons that aren't to be taken too seriously, is phelps' statement really such an extreme point of view? didn't rick warren actually say something like that at obama's inauguration? and is the republican party paying attention to counter-protest turnouts like this?

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