Tuesday, April 14, 2009

from leno to leader

leno hosts grampa mccain. grampa disses palin:
"We have, I'm happy to say, a lot of (Republican) voices out there. There are a lot of governors out there who are young and dynamic."
grampa rattles off the young and dynamic, a list that includes 49 governors, none of them sarah palin. (okay, five governors. still.) then he says, whoops, i left someone out and i'm gonna get in trouble, tee-hee, tee-hee, but still doesn't add her to the list. dark.

paliners get pissed. but from out of the wilderness...

a teamsarah.org commenter:
"I've thought about these "snubs" alot...Sarah is probably better off being off these so-called lists. Having her name out there too early and too often may "spoil" a run for Sarah in 2012. Having her come "out of the wilderness" to run in 2011 and take on a weak list of Republican candidates may be best politically. So whether he means it or not, McCain may in fact be doing Sarah a favor."
sarah palin coming out of the wilderness of political obscurity. it's a theory.

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