Wednesday, April 29, 2009

f-wd idol: gokey-dokey wrap

danny gokey says he learns from watching other performers. let that be a lesson to every performer everywhere. (for the youngins in mamma mia, tim ewing and i will be giving an audition workshop saturday in between shows.)

• wow, ryan peecrust just made glambert look like an ass ("which side of the stage do you think you belong on?") that was completely unfair.

• ryan's batting a thousand. he just opened up the ass-door for nwm (the whole mouth dropped open deal) and she walked right in.

something'sgottagive something'sgottagive something'sgottagive something'sgottagive something'sgottagive something'sgottagive.

taylor hicks is still a sqat-singer (he assumes an "i'm crappin' in my pants" position when he sings, and he looks really, really happy about it.) he belongs on stage in branson. or at promise keeper conference.

jamie foxx likes the auto-tune! (rob just yelled from the next room, "when does he sing?")

• paying more attention to how much time he has left than the host of the show, foxx says, "support these cats. and oh...i got a movie out."

• hey kids! just remember – all those hit songs you like so much right now? they're all gonna be advertising jingles in about 10 years.

• are we surprised that glambert was so close to getting booted off, and...

• do we really think that moley is "an artist" whose gonna go on to a great career?

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  1. Sooo great to see Glambert taken down a few notches, though.


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