Saturday, April 4, 2009

could someone drop a house on him?

andrew lloyd weber has decided writing a sequel to phantom of the opera that takes place on coney island isn't proof enough that he needs to be locked in a rubber room and never allowed to go near a piano again.

now, he's determined to screw with dorothy.


  1. Actually, I saw a local HS do Wizard of Oz last year and thought, "Why? There is no need to basically just do a live version of the movie." The Witch DID have the Jitterbug to sing, but that really dated the show. And one of my students was the Wizard, and he had nothing to sing. I would be curious to see what he would bring to the show, because right now I see no need to ever do the show.

  2. "right now I see no need to ever do the show."

    the best idea of all, i think.


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