Wednesday, March 25, 2009

you got any change?

you can critique obama's press conference performance last night for the media types he called on (many major newspapers were skipped over, and this after the washington post's great a-rod question last time!) you can dog him out for using a teleprompter during the opening statement (but yes, the actual answers to questions came from stuff in his head!) and you certainly can disagree with his positions and responses.

but do you recall how many prime time press conferences george w. bush held during eight years in office?


obama's now had two in his first 64 days. that's a change. (unless, of course, he only does two more in the next 2856 days.)

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  1. Did W use a teleprompter? God I hope not, considering the implications. So what exactly is the subtext of this teleprompter dust-up? That Obama is not as articulate, or as smart as he seems? Is that a good move, considering what the GOP just went through? Or is this some sort of weird "he's cheating! he's cheating!" moment from the twerp in the back of the classroom? What seems most interesting to me is that this is an issue that the GOP has chosen to push out there - not debating the issues but debating the packaging. It seems to me to be another good example of the GOP having missed the "content train" that left the station last November.


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