Friday, March 20, 2009

why i ♥ tuesdays commenters

our discussions are civil. intelligent. and moderated.

president barack obama, appearing on the tonight show thursday, made a stupid, insensitive, off-hand remark about the special olympics, having to do with his lack of bowling skills. "it was like special olympics, or something," he said, about his score of 129. before the program even aired, obama had apologized, and his press secretary did so again today.

watching the show i barely heard the remark. when i read about it later i thought about our last president: "what if bush had said this?"

quite honestly, i wouldn't have been surprised. i'd have shaken my head and said "idiot," maybe written a witty, fire-breathing-liberal blog post about it, but that's about all.

but obama's unfortunate mistake last night apparently gave the readers of jake tapper's blog political punch carte blanche to haul out every disgusting slur against every racial minority there is. in attempting to disparage obama, they totally degraded themselves. interestingly, virtually all of those offensive comments are gone today.

some of the less-offensive comments refer to TOTUS, a charming take on POTUS (president of the united states) with the T in TOTUS referring to a teleprompter. obama isn't so eloquent without TOTUS, his trusty teleprompter, they say. perhaps they missed the presidential debates, or the saddleback forum, or the town halls, or any other time obama has appeared in public when not giving a written speech.

but my favorite comment from tapper's blog, which remains on the site, is this non-ethnic one:

"wow, this obama is stupid enough to BE IN the special olympics"

yeah. 'cause you know, you gotta be stupid to be in the special olympics.

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