Saturday, March 28, 2009

what is america thinking?

can i just say that i'm still sad that out of the raft of stunningly mediocre performances on the idol program last week – blondy, blindy, blandy (noopy) and even lil (do not) – the contestant heading home is michael sarver. what a bunch of dopes america is.


  1. He was my choice to go home. He wasn't that good this week, and he sucked last week singing Garth Brooks. I also found his varsity cockiness a little off-putting. He always seemed like he was talking back to the judges when they gave him criticism.

    I think Megan will go home next.

  2. i figured michael would go sooner rather than later. but i thought megan was ho-ribble this week, anoop is just plain boring, and scott – bless his heart – shouldn't be there in the first place.

    that's funny, laurin, that you found michael to be cocky. i abhor cockiness. i found him to be kinda charming.


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