Monday, March 2, 2009

turn me on dead man

i know about five people who will listen to this and feel like they're hearing the missing piece of a musical puzzle we've all been listening to since we were teenagers. for those five people: take the next ten minutes, put your headphones on and be prepared.

the rest of you may enjoy it too, but you'll probably end up shrugging your shoulders saying, "yeah, so what?"

the file is being pulled from sites around the internet (leading experts to suggest it must be authentic) so i hesitate to say anything more than it's a revolutionary recording that finally provides at least some indication of how four lads got from number one to number nine.


  1. wow.

    first of all, thanks for 3 in the morning???? (somehow #9 investigations must be done at that hour, right?)

    It does 'bridge' the whole bit, doesn't it? A little disppointing that #9 was a bunch of leftovers and not inspired lunacy. I prefer the "inspired lunacy" theory myself, but thanks for connecting the dot, as it were.

    Last, I thought the "lead mosquito" was always a recording of the Underground subway, or something like that - never thought of it as a tweaked out instrument, much as it is here.

    Oh! If my two favorite Johns were still here (Lennon and Belushi). Life would be much more interesting, methinks!


  2. 2 sum...thanks tone...puzzle piece, bridge, connect the dots, hopscotch..."it is that"
    And to add to Brian...the WORLD would be much more you both like bro's!!


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