Monday, March 2, 2009

take me to your leader II

so really...who's the leader of the republican party?


  1. Wow - it really does speak to how lost the GOP is, when they have to suck up to idiots like RL. Will the last fiscal conservative please turn out the lights on the way out?

    yikes! This really isn't good news for anyone, by the way...

  2. No it isn't good news for anyone. But for a "fire-breathing liberal" like me, it's kinda fun to watch.

    I agree with you though, Bri. Is it good for the country? No. For Obama? No, not really. For the Republican Party? Short term, no. But longer term...maybe it is good. Maybe in this turmoil the party will reinvent itself (or...rediscover itself) and come out on the other end with more...integrity?

    My fear is that it comes out the other other end. if you know what i mean.

  3. Actually, what I do see happening...

    I see the three-legged stool being reshaped. I don't get how fiscal conservatism, defense conservatism, and social conservatism need to be tied together. This may actually break the bond.

    Why does pro-choice/stem cell mean higher taxes, and greater government? Why does ending the Iraq war mean an expansion of debt that will require generations to pay off? It's stupid.

    Integriy? Too much to hope for (and not quite proven on the liberal side either. This is a long running show - let's at least see how it looks at intermission before handing out any awards). The integrity is in the checks and balances of the system. They're all crooks, but the fear of getting caught keeps 'em honest...sometimes.

    But I do see a reshaping coming. I just don't see the leadership on the GOP side to seize the opportunity, at almost any level, near-term(Congressional, State, or Presidential). That is so plainly evident by RL to "filling in" the vacuum. "Waiting to fail" is a very poor choice of mid-game, in my opinion.

    This could get very ugly when we (once again) learn that the truth about Santa Claus....



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