Wednesday, March 11, 2009

michael steele should do more interviews

"a four year old child could understand this report! run out and find me a four year old child, i can't make head or tail out of it."
– groucho marx
rnc chair michael steele should have brought along a four year old child for this interview with gq's lisa depaulo. depaulo asked steele for his views on abortion rights:
Steele: The choice issue cuts two ways. You can choose life, or you can choose abortion. You know, my mother chose life. So, you know, I think the power of the argument of choice boils down to stating a case for one or the other.

GQ: Are you saying you think women have the right to choose abortion?

Steele: Yeah. I mean, again, I think that’s an individual choice.

GQ: You do?

Steele: Yeah. Absolutely.

GQ: Are you saying you don’t want to overturn Roe v. Wade?

Steele: I think Roe v. Wade—as a legal matter, Roe v. Wade was a wrongly decided matter.

GQ: Okay, but if you overturn Roe v. Wade, how do women have the choice you just said they should have?

Steele: The states should make that choice. That’s what the choice is. The individual choice rests in the states. Let them decide.
steele is reportedly going to face a vote of no confidence at the end of the month.

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