Friday, March 6, 2009

separated at birth?

the combination of having spent much of my life in milwaukee, while also being a big fan of tv's lost, makes this particular pairing a little, well...disturbing (especially if you find one of these guys attractive):

jeffrey dahmer and josh holloway

(hat tip jeff at passion=truth, where separated at birth is a regular feature.)

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  1. thanks, brother! just gave you an Idol nod on Passio = Truth! whooo! if us bloggers can work together, we can pull this country together once again! another big....WHOOOO! :)

    by the way, have you check out my buddy's blog, NoFo? theater friend from IA who lives in Chicago. HUGE pro-gay. well, he IS gay. good stuff. blogged about Mouw? know who he is? i'll email you his blog link.


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