Saturday, March 28, 2009

separated at birth?

who says conservatives are in disarray? here's evidence that they're all on the same page – literally. sadly, no! breaks the story of these two highly respected well known conservative journalists persons, jonah goldberg and kathryn jean lopez (you figure out which is which) who actually wrote the exact same article on the same exact day! talk about a vulcan mind meld!

proof positive that these conservatives have their act together...
and i mean together:

(an unfortunate title considering the two (?) authors.)

UPDATE 3/28/09 10:20 pmauthor responds!

"Okay, so my syndicated column went up at Townhall today. As I mentioned earlier, they messed up and put it under Kathryn’s byline."

simple enough explanation, right? a goof. a flub. an error. yeah, maybe. (besides, goldberg, were there really, serious plagiarism accusations from any legitimate sources??) author throws this in for good measure:

"Is this the best left-wing blogs have? Misprinted bylines?"

author is totally right. we should be focused on more important things, like presidential teleprompters.

(hat tip sadlyno!)

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