Monday, March 16, 2009

quote of the day

"We did have a real fight in 2004, when he endorsed Bush and spoke at the Republican Convention. We yelled at each other for two hours until finally I told him to go fuck himself and then I started to laugh.

'I just realized,' I told him. 'That there are no limits. You can't do or say anything that will make me stop being your friend.' He said he felt the same way about me, even if I was mortally soft on the Arabs.

That was important. It was the moment that we really became friends, after calling ourselves 'friends' for nearly twenty years. And it opened the door for the past two years, as Ron battled this thing--an experience I'll always cherish, believe it or not. He taught me how to leave. "

joe klein, author and political columnist for time magazine,
on his friend, actor ron silver, who died sunday from esophageal cancer.

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