Thursday, March 12, 2009

god hates figs

meeting hate with humor

when members of the westboro baptist church (the "god hates fags" people) arrived to protest at the university of chicago this week, they were greeted by a counter-protest of over 100 students carrying signs reading, "god hates the new facebook," "god hates figs," "god plays laser tag" "let alf into heaven," god listens to kenny loggins," and, my personal favorite, "god watches 'the watchmen' but he thought the movie was shit."

“it was like a celebration," one student said. "it was really cool to see so many people come out in support of diversity and gay people...and religious freedom.” during the counter-protest, students raised over $500 for a youth center that provides health services to the LGBT community, and collected signatures on a petition supporting the overturning of prop 8.

the proverbial 11 o'clock number was provided, however, by alpha delta phi, who had a special musical welcome for the westboro crew:

shirley phelps-roper, spokesperson for westboro, wasn't so keen on delta phi's moves:

“These people think that they have the power, this arrogant nation, to change God. The little girly boys up there with their clothes half off gyrating around—they might as well flip off their god.”

here's more video of the arrogant, powerful god-changers (and a little extra of the gyrating fratties):

(hat tip andrew sullivan & avi schwab)


  1. Ok. My favorites were: "God sleeps naked". and "We're for straight hugging." I am particularly pleased to see my brethren frat boys and sorority sisters having fun with stupid people.

  2. A couple additions to the list, from Facebook:

    "God Hates Gaffs"

    "God Hates Mullets"

    Got any more...?

  3. "God Hates Wallmart"
    "God Hates Those Popcorn Kernels That Get Stuck In Your Teeth"
    "God Hates Test Patterns"
    "God Hates 404"
    "God Hates Vista"
    "God Hates Facebook Changes"
    "God Hates Turducken"
    "God Hates The Cubs, Obviously"
    "God Hates Parallel Parking"
    "God Hates Dylan Since He Went Electric"

  4. God hates autocad 07,08, and expecially 09.

  5. "God Hates Denim Tuxedos"

  6. Several years ago, as I was meeting some friends at the main gate to Milwaukee's Pride Fest, I encountered these idiots. So I zeroed in on one of the better looking ones (hard to find) and pretended I knew him. "Hey! How are you? Long time, no see!" They freaked. The police had to step in and told me to move along as my friends and more than a few others cheered.


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