Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"the democrat party" part II

ohio representative marcy kaptur finds the gumption to call out the republicans on their use of "democrat party" as a slur:
"There isn’t a single member on this side of the aisle that belongs to the 'Democrat Party.' We belong to the Democratic Party. So the party you were referring to doesn’t even exist."
last week, chris matthews did the same:
"They call themselves the Democratic Party, let's just call people what they call themselves."
william f. buckley also said it well:
"It has the effect of injecting politics into language, and that should be avoided. Granted there are diffculties, as when one desires to describe a “democratic” politician, and is jolted by possible ambiguity. But English does that to us all the time, and it’s our job to get the correct meaning transmitted without contorting the language."
here's kaptur taking texas republican jeb hensarling to task:

(hat tip thinkprogress)

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