Sunday, March 8, 2009

cue cher circa 1973

aging pop diva references aside, you may think some illiterate bohunk made a stoopid mistake while designing this protest sign, but i say, let's consider what muslin actually is:
"Muslin is often the cloth of choice for theater sets. It is helpful in masking the background of sets and helping to establish the mood or feel of different scenes. It can be painted to look like countless different settings, and if treated properly it can become semi-translucent."
the word muslin originated in the middle east and is often used as british slang for feminine, or woman. and it's used in the cheese making process, to drain the curd.

so. president barack obama is a semi-translucent, feminine cheese cloth originating in the middle east, painting himself to look different in an attempt to drain the curd mask his background.

barack obama is a muslin muslim.

not such a bohunk after all, huh?

still, some bad news for the birthers this week: yet another judge – this time u.s. district judge james robertson – told them "your a bunch of friggin' idiots and you're wasting everybody's time!" you may recall, the united states supreme court said basically the same thing last december.

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