Sunday, February 1, 2009

what i want you to buy

pay close attention to that green sidebar to the right.  things change in it quite often.  

first there was the will blog for coffee button. click on it and you can donate any amount to help support tuesdays. all major credit cards are accepted. buy me coffee, send me to aruba, send me to aruba to have coffee. whatever you like.  just do it soon, 'cause it's cold in new york.

now there's a new ploy exciting new feature in that green column for me to earn a few extra bucks to enhance your tuesdays experience. i cleverly call it: BUY THIS STUFF.

right now it has five items in it. each item has something to do with a recent post here on tuesdays (wanna read about the "fountain" funded by the nea in 2008? like that groucho video and wanna order a whole collection?) either that, or it's something i just wish you would buy so we could talk about it. (remember gay boy record parties? when you'd come over on a saturday night, we'd sit in my basement drinking grape soda, and i'd play the new prince album for you? kinda like that. but without taking off our clothes.)

if you "mouse over" an item, my little note to you shows up. see? try it. now click buy. go on, it's easy. all the other kids are doing it.

okay, it's an ad.  thing is, when you click on those amazon links and actually buy something, i get money. dough-re-me. cash on the barrel head. seriously. not a lot, but in today's economy, when people are begging pleading asking politely for a cup of coffee, or to be sent to aruba? well, every little bit helps. and the more you buy, the longer my electric bill gets paid.

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