Monday, February 9, 2009

the tuesdays store

there aren't any tuesdays t-shirts or boxer shorts yet, and there's no cd of my greatest piano bar hits. still, i think it's a pretty cool idea: how can i share with you stuff that i love, or that is part of this blog?

tuesdays now has it's own amazon store (think of it as an expanded version of the "buy this stuff" ad.) the tuesdays store is loaded with stuff that i think you should own. to get there, click on that fancy logo (one will remain in the sidebar.)

check out the different categories, including: read 'em and weep (books i've actually read) the b.o.a.t. (the best of all time - my favorite albums, ever) and by popular demand, gay boy record party (stuff i made you listen to in my parents basement 30 years ago.) most items have a blurb from me telling you why you need to buy it. the lists and catagories will grow along with the blog.

what's in it for me? when you buy something, i get a suitcase of money from amazon. when you click on through to from the tuesdays store, i get a monkey (i've always wanted a monkey.) is there some birthday shopping you forgot to do? need a valentine's gift for your sweetie-pie? wanna do some early christmas/kwanza shopping? visit the tuesdays store and spend money in a recession, why don't you? or ignore my suggestions, click through to, and buy whatever you want (even if it's something i wish you wouldn't waste your money on.) if you buy enough stuff, amazon sends me the elephant man's bones.

what's the added cost to you? what's the catch?

nada. none. nix.

there's no difference in the price. there's absolutely no catch. you don't need to enter a code, wear a code, or know the password (swordfish.) you don't even have buy me coffee (but you still could.)

bookmark the tuesdays store, do all your shopping through tuesdays and we'll both be happy.

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  1. You have my book there. I love you. I'm weeping. Now some wise people must buy it. Thanks pal. And I am as handsome as Jimmy DeVita, but in my own way.


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