Wednesday, February 25, 2009


don't you think while watching bobby jindal give the republican response to obama's speech tonight, sarah palin was overcome with a great sense of optimism and possibility for the future?


  1. I closed my eyes and thought for a moment it was the page from "30 Rock" speaking.

  2. OK, I scrolled down and see you had the same thought. Granted he had a tough spot, following a terrific speech by Obama, but jesus, that was BAD. NYTimes' David Brooks called it "insane" and I think he may have been right. The cadence, the delivery, but more importantly the message, which seemed completely and blithely ignorant of either current events or recent history.

  3. make no mistake, jindal is a really smart guy. (really scary on some fronts, but really smart.)

    i don't think we saw "the real bobby jindal" last night, but it was certainly an unfortunate introduction to the country for one of the great hopes of the republican party.


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