Wednesday, February 11, 2009

not that i'm watching...

...but only one of the milwaukee guys (danny gokey) made it through to the next round on american idol (the top 36.) and since we're on the subject:
  • i just wrote this sentence prematurely: thank god they nixed that completely annoying tatiana del toro girl. unfortunately, she's staying. (what douchbag producer thought it was a good idea to keep this girl?)
  • then there's sally crybaby. wow, he needed to go-go (guess what mary, everyone is one of those kids, okay?) but he's staying too. (she not gonna have time for therapy if she gotta be derin' idol, perples!)
  • both bears made it through (andrew sullivan will be happy) and both my personal favorites made it through.
  • these sing-off deals: since they were singing for their lives, do the losers get shipped to some foreign country where they will be waterboarded and put in stress positions?
  • one more thing: can alec baldwin win an award for acting in a commercial? did you see that hula ad? i haven't had a more enjoyable 60 seconds since...well, this morning.


  1. tony, did the girl that got all the recent press for being supposedly a "ringer" get in? you know - the one who has already released some CDs of her music and has ties to two behind-the-scenes Idol people?

    that Baldwin Hula commercial was excellent. now i will go back to crying for Brett Favre...

  2. apparantly that's kady malloy. and there are "complaints" that too many singers with professional credits are being allowed on the show...

  3. okay, first: apparently is spelled with an e.

    second, you must be talking about this dame:

    American Idol boots off Joanna Pacitti

    (um. girl ain't no undiscovered talent.)

  4. Tony (and Jeff) - I am reluctant to do this, but you both are dating yourselves terribly.

    Hula does not exist, except as a dance.

    Alec Baldwin did a very funny superbowl commercial for Hulu, which is a website that airs many TV shows, and is perhaps one of the biggest reasons that 30 Rock is still on the air, hence Baldwin in their commercials.

    And I agree 100% that Tatiana (and Crybaby Mary) needs to be thrown off that show, but I have a feeling the producers see ratings in her rants. Normally, I enjoy watching a show just to hate somebody, but she's enough for me to turn the channel.

    Not that I'm watching, either...

  5. ah. hulu.

    they're the hoop people, right?


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