Wednesday, February 11, 2009

making republicans proud!

little eric cantor got targeted recently by pro-stimulus afscme and americans united for change in this advertising campaign. what's little eric's response? well, it should make all republicans proud to have someone like eric as a leader of their party. here's the video cantor's office is using to rebut the unions:

more on little eric's classy response here.


  1. Pop Will Eat Itself. The union does a standard issue ad targeting 'Lil Eric. His office has no response. Instead, some flunky digs up an old union spoof ad and sends that out. Union of course goes ballistic. 'Lil Eric's office, not only out of touch with the country, but unwilling to engage in a debate on the issues, is also completely ignorant of the shortness of the news cycle now and fails to get this cleaned up fast with a retraction or apology.

    And now 'Lil Eric's office has created a negative story about itself. What is this a curse that once your party is out of office you are obligated to screw yourself every chance you get for a few months? The Dems did the same kind of crap when they got rousted by the House GOP and Bush.

  2. the flunky (cantor spokesman brad dayspring, who earlier said about the video, "you could post this as my response") has a history of stepping in it:

    The precocious eighth-grader picked up the phone and called Rush Limbaugh. It was a snowy day, school had been canceled and 13-year-old Brad Dayspring had war on his mind.

    “I have this teacher, and she doesn’t support the troops and the war,” he told the conservative radio talk show host, his words broadcast on airwaves around the country.

    Limbaugh was incensed. He asked the boy for the name of his school and the name of his teacher.

    The following day, when Brad arrived at his northern New Jersey middle school, hundreds of war supporters surrounded the building.

    and...oh: the flunky has apologized.

  3. So I read up on the flunky at Politico:

    "Although he was almost suspended for causing such a ruckus, he said he remembers feeling satisfied. His message was heard, and that was the point.

    That was his entrance into grass-roots politics."

    His entry into politics was to incense a mob response at his school directed at his teacher, who HE FELT was not supportive enough of the government's military policies. This is a truly scary little boy, who would feel far more at home in Mao's Cultural Revolution than in 21st C. America.

    And yet it is this mindset that is rewarded with rapid promotion within the innermost ranks of GOP power, as outlined further at Politico.

    It is this philosophical mindset that equates an informant calling down a mob to enforce the political will of the government to reasoned political discourse that I find deeply, deeply troubling.

    IMHO this is an example of the false dichotomy of Liberal/Conservative and GOP/Dem. What appears to be more indicative of the real struggle going on is one between ideologues and idealists.


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