Tuesday, February 24, 2009

is bobby jindal kidding?

okay, the president came out tonight and talked to the nation – like he always does – as though we're really, really smart. like he is.

then, giving the republican response, louisiana governor bobby jindal shows up and talks to us like we're all in fourth third grade preschool.

i mean, i know nobody watched him, but...(and your reading of this next word should be way over the top)...REALLY? this is a joke, right? if jindal's chance at the republican nomination for president in 2012 doesn't at least dim after this performance, i will let jindal personally exorcise the dancing gay demons from my inner soul (and i like the ones who dance.) seriously, jindal's heritage is not indian, he's from mayberry! this is embarrassing, and it's the best the republican party can do. (and believe me, jindal's no goober.)

and...okay i must have heard this wrong (dvr says no) – jindal just said the government didn't help us out during katrina, so we know not to look to them for help during this economic crisis! hey, jindal. that was bush, remember? your president? the guy from your party? we had an election in november and he's gone.

seriously, how about this, bj: there are obvious times when we need government – say, a huge economic crisis, an oncoming depression, or a gigantic natural disaster – and we found during katrina that government didn't work very well, so we need to fix it.

no, no, beej, you're right. because bush royally screwed up katrina, don't go trusting government ever again. (thanks, by the way, for reminding us of that colossal failure.)

um. blah-blah-blah...our party is determined to regain your trust. but, you just told us you don't even trust the government, right? and aren't you part of the governmm...? ugh. i've stopped listening. oh, yes...great struggles/accomplishments of the united states, oh good. you forgot to mention the stonewall riots and the segway human transporter.

wait. did he just say we have the most "brazilian" economy?

UPDATE 11:20 p.m. ah-ha! here's where i've heard that voice before...

listen, and compare:


  1. Thank youuu so much for this posting! It is nice to find out that I am not the only one that felt that was hearing a kindergarden teacher.... I was watching and asking my husband the same: "is this a joke? Why he talks like we are 4th graders?"

    My husband answer was "He is already campaigning" and then it stroke me... yes, you have to be a 4th grade mind to be with the Republicans at this point. Or super rich but those are not enough in number to win elections. So they are back to talk to the only 'minds' that can believe them.

    It was a joke and a shame and... not really an answer to the President's speech, it sounded once more like the tantrum of annoying kids promising they will behave better next time if you buy them the chocolate they want.

  2. This is where Bobby Jindal got his talking point from:


  3. Well .... we're certainly on the same page here.



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