Wednesday, February 25, 2009

fast-forward idol

i'm going to dvr-blog american idol now. i know, the excitement is palpable. (did i mention i fast forward through most of the crap? do you all do that too? you know, missy hoo-ha grew up in south bend and she owns a horse. brian's mother is a one-armed midget who has a week to live.)

okay, here we go:
  • oh look, it's casual wednesdays.
  • do you think sex with randy jackson is all "come on now, bring it. oh, that kinda feels weird for me." (sorry, i know i just conjured an image. take a moment.)
  • the new girl just said "bring it" too. get your own catch phrase, newbie.
  • wait, the highest girl vote-getter and the highest guy vote-getter, plus the next highest vote-getter get through? so if the three highest vote getters from this group are all guys, one of them doesn't get through because we have to pick a girl? that blows. what's next, idol affirmative action?
  • i thought our girl jasmine was gonna sing foreigner's "cold as ice". hun, you're a little pitchy. too much riffing. bad song choice, right? why do these arrangements always end with the cheesy chord? like they're doing an act in the lounge on the love boat? not good. simon is right.
  • matt dueling-pianos guy. i have high hopes for him. yikes. has he had too many red bulls? this is a great song (coldplay.) not for matt though. too much riffing. judges? simon is right.
  • oh. jeanine vailes. "please don't say goodbye anymore." we won't. after tomorrow. way too much riffing. looked painful. taking a painful dump. (taylor hicks, anyone?) sang sharp. simon was right. again.
  • okay, i couldn't stand it anymore: i gave up. just put adam lambert through and send the rest home. in fact, let's just cut to the chase – next week, adam lambert vs. danny gokey. btw...if you like adam, here's plenty more of him.


  1. DVR is the only way to watch Idol. Otherwise the conjured-up drama, sentimental garbage, and product placement is just too much to bear.

    I don't like the way they're choosing the Top 12, and I hope the "wild cards" they pick will even out the demographics a little bit. Right now the teeny-bopper white chick demographic must be dominating the voting b/c there's no way Michael Sarver and Kris Allen should've been in the Top 3 of their respective groups. I don't want the Top 12 to be all white boys with gelled hair.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of gender-bender theater boy b/c he's my fave right now. The redheaded gal who sang Alone by Heart was pretty awesome too.

  2. Yes that redheaded gal (16 year old Allison something) can sing. But she needs a stylist. To be honest, I think she looks like a 38 year old living in 1975.

    So far, the guys seem more talented than the girls. I just wish the judges wouldn't have had to pick even numbers of each for the top 36. There were other guys that were much better than half the girls that made it through. Watching the show last week was painful - - even with the power of a DVR.

    IMHO - Danny and Adam are the best to date, and if they continue to make the right song choices, they should be the top 2. Of course, when I think back to previous seasons, it's clear that the best singer doesn't always win. (Think Chris Daughtry.)


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