Thursday, February 19, 2009

update: a barrel full of monkeys!

this original post referred to a recent new york post editorial cartoon, which i felt clearly compared barack obama to a monkey (something that certainly isn't new in our nations history, or in barack obama's history either) and to a tape from fox news that appeared to reveal radio host john gibson comparing attorney general eric holder to an escaped monkey in seattle.

the video, posted at several respected news blogs, has since been proven to be dubbed and inaccurate.

while the new york post has since "apologized" for the racially charged cartoon it ran, the fact that this video made the rounds so quickly, and that it was, for many, not so far from believable, still says much about our country and race.

attorney general holder's comments earlier this week, that many in the u.s. are "cowards" when it comes to discussing race, has provoked much discussion and that's a good thing. sadly, it has too often revealed middle-aged white males bloviating about america being the "best place for african americans to live" and how "the african american community needs to take responsibility for itself." it seems to me that in all of the hot air from the pasty white folks there is barely an acknowledgement of the feelings, grievances, struggles or concerns of the other side, only a desire to shout louder and drown them out. in other words: "we've elected a black president, now sit down and shut up – what more do you want?"

here's my original post on the now debunked eric holder / john gibson / fox news video:
hey folks! it's madness and mayhem in washington 'cause not only is there a monkey in the white house, there's one running the justice department:

the punchline comes toward the end, from fox's john gibson...


  1. You wouldn't be a middle-aged white male bloviating, would you?

    If so, please clean up after yourself...

  2. Cleaning up:

    WHITE – yes
    MALE – yes
    BLOVIATING – nah, unless you think i'm speaking in a pompous, verbose, windy, or boastful manner. if you do, i'm not sure why you'd waste your time here.
    PASTY – never


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