Friday, February 6, 2009

we're all gonna die

one image: 100 meters long, 178 people, 20 days.

photographer simon hoegsberg has created an intriguing online image that i first saw about a week ago. it's a composite of photographs taken over the course of 20 days from the same spot on a railroad bridge in berlin (a fraction of which appears below.) at first glance, i thought it was interesting, but i moved on rather quickly.

over the course of the week i've returned to it time and again, sometimes without thinking. i've spent time with it, gotten to know it. each visit revealed something new, some new person, some new story to be told.

hoegsberg's title for the image, we're all gonna die – 100 meters of existence is nearly as intriguing as the image itself. the finality of that initial thought is not made any cheerier by labeling this an image merely of existence.

sometimes i expect to see myself in this image. sometimes i do. i see people i know, and people i've come to know. one particular face, one smirk or sideways look, can prove endlessly fascinating one day. the next day, another is much more interesting.

in many faces there appears to be a blissful ignorance – no immediate awareness of that statement: we're all gonna die. in a few – some sad, some stark, some content, some rebellious – there seems to be an unbelievably clear grasp of it.

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  1. Interesting. I *just* stumbled on this a few hours ago and bookmarked it before seeing your post about it. If I believed in voodoo I might take it to mean something.


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