Monday, February 9, 2009


a president who speaks in full, clear, strikingly coherent sentences. not at all like "watching a drunk man trying to cross an icy road," – which is how paul begala described listening to george w. bush attempting to complete a sentence – "you're rooting for him but you know he just isn't going to make it."

what's even better are the poll numbers that came out today (no, not john mccain's email petition poll.) those numbers, the prime-time press conference and more are summed up nicely by josh marshall.
UPDATE 2/10/09 – i've now heard at least four republican pundit-types complain that obama is too well-spoken. (tee-hee!)

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  1. Arrg. I hadn't heard the "too well-spoken" comments, but I was waiting for them. Conservativism in this country has turned into an utter travesty. Who are these people anymore?


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