Tuesday, January 27, 2009

wanna buy me a cup of coffee?

...or lunch or dinner, for that matter?

just click on the will blog for coffee graphic in the side column over there on the right (NOT the one in this post) enter the amount you want to DONATE, select a payment method and you're off! can't do it right now? that cute graphic will be in that side column tomorrow too. and next week. and next month. i drink coffee every day!

i see where the donations come from, and i will go to starbucks and actually sit at a table for two, with an empty chair, and think of you while i sip a chai latte. or a hot chocolate with whipped cream. or whatever it is you buy me. (you are so nice!) i'll even take a picture of us (me) enjoying our coffee (my coffee) and post it on tuesdays!

that is, unless you buy me dinner. which means i'll be sitting at a table in mamma mexico by myself. thinking of you. just imagine me, sitting alone in a restaurant in new york, taking photos of myself while i eat a filete pancho villa. that's gotta be worth $20 or $30, right? (by the way, that's one cheap dinner, thanks a lot.)

don't be embarrassed. it's a recession, silly. we all need friends.

friends like you.