Wednesday, January 28, 2009

quote of the day

"i am so damn glad that you can never be my wife, 'cause i surely wouldn't (want to) have to listen to that prattle from you everyday."
dick armey, former republican
house majority leader, to salon's joan walsh


  1. interesting. what was the gist of the conversation that led to this sexist remark?

  2. i just watched the tape. armey's comment was out of line. but walsh was going on and on about "dems standing in obama's way (regarding his stimulus package)" and why didn't Rush or the other guy apologize to Obama...etc. thin-skinned. i'm sure the Reps. could say the same things of Dems when Bush was in office. politics and journalism are tough arenas. i'm sure walsh can take care of herself.

  3. She should have said back "Sir, I can assure you that my prattling is the least of the reasons I could never be your wife!"

    For inspiration:

    Nancy Astor: “Sir, if you were my husband, I would give you poison.”

    Churchill: “If I were your husband I would take it.”


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