Monday, January 12, 2009

obama throws the gays a bone!

after the furious gay uproar (the f.g.u.) over barack obama's selection of rev. rick warren to give the invocation at his inauguration, obama has now gone and picked everyone's favorite gay bishop rev. gene robinson to offer a prayer at a preinaugural event (ha! pre! meaning before, or...uh...pre! so the gays will be first! take that warren! take that homophobes!) robinson has said, despite the timing of this invitation, he doesn't feel like sloppy seconds, or believe this is a tit-for-tat (despite my silly outburst.)

gays are on the edge of their seats: what will robinson wear!? (a marian stole and chasuble, light blue-silver with a picture of mary on the back would be my choice, but i don't know the rules.) what will robinson say? will there be showtunes? will lupone be there? (that was for you, danny.)

well, according to gene-gene-the-prayer-givin-machine "it won't be a happy, clappy prayer," (meaning really gay) and – hold your shouts of "amen!" – he won't use a bible. (what!?) "while that is a holy and sacred text to me, it is not for many americans," g-rob said. "i will be careful not to be especially christian in my prayer. this is a prayer for the whole nation."

wait. you mean there are people in this nation who are not christian? stfu!

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