Thursday, January 8, 2009

black v. gay

my new favorite blogger, ta-nehisi coates, has a great post on the issue of the africa-american vote, proposition 8, and a new report that shows 58% of blacks voted yes on prop 8, not 70% as suggested by exit polling. (and to those of you who say, "you lost, get over it," i say, "i'm a gay, get over that.")

here's coates on marriage:
Homophobia is bad for my community. I support gay marriage because I believe it is a moral imperative, and the marker of a just society. I support it because, as a black man, I have seen first-hand the value of all kinds of family. In other words, it's in my interest. It's in my son's interest. It's a part of a world, that I hope to live in.

But frankly, I have no use for people--gay, straight, white, red, rich, poor--who feel like black people "owe them." I have no use for people who like to trot out their history of supporting "black causes."
more ta-nehisi coates atlantic blog here.

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