Tuesday, December 30, 2008

what a day this has been yesterday was

i haven't written much lately about...oh, anything.

i haven't written about the media still falling all over itself to link obama to the scandal in illinois. or the circus that is the franken/colemen recount in minnesota (think your vote doesn't count? this senate election will likely be won or lost by 50 or so votes.) or the "barack, the magic negro" story continuing to unfold in the race for leadership of the we're just kidding, we like black people! we really do! never mind that we belong to all white country clubs and we tell jokes about negros! republican party.

or...grandma palin.

but now, the christmas party that is blogojevich! has taken an unbelievable turn. blogo appoints a 71 year old african-american man (former illinois attorney general roland burris) to barack obama's senate seat (something he'd promised not to do) and at the announcement, african-american congressman bobby rush asks the senate, the media, et. al. "to not hang, or lynch this man" and deny burris of this appointment.

with those words rush could push race relations in this country backwards two or three steps. here is "the race card" played before anyone could possibly bring up the issue; even before the game has begun. blagojevich, rush, and burris should all be ashamed. but of course, shame is something blagojevich is obviously unfamiliar with.

it will be fascinating to see how the democrats handle this, how the republicans use it against them, and how the media froths in trying to turn it into more trouble for the incoming obama administration. wait, that last part won't be fascinating, it will be sickening! ladies and gentlemen, contessa brewer!

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