Friday, November 14, 2008

a steele trap

how do you safely take on an african-american president without being accused of playing the race card? you choose an african-american to head the republican national committee.

how ironic that while watching the republican national convention this year, i commented several times, "where are the hispanics? where are the african-americans? oh sure, that looks like america – like white america!" now it seems likely that former maryland lt. gov. michael steele will be the new leader of the rnc. he's in the running, at least.

how do you court the white vote in the republican party? here's a good start:

"obama played the race card beautifully," steele said during a recent conference call with bloggers. he also suggested that in taking rev. wright off the table, john mccain gave up the one issue that might have helped him win the white house, because "it went to the core" of obama's character.

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