Wednesday, November 12, 2008

she's gone away not going anywhere

sarah palin's not gone yet. in fact, she's more in the media now than even before the election. to some of us, that's welcome news. 'cause i think, the more she's out there representing the republican party, the better for the dems. (if we're lucky, it might also mean more tina fey on snl.)

the best line about palin and her recent comments to the press ("i've never been an obsessive partisan" made me spit green tea out my nose) comes from msnbc's david shuster:
"does she live in some sort of parallel universe? and maybe, does the republican base live there with her?"


  1. The line about bulldozing a cracked door was pretty priceless too. Jon Stewart had a funny riff on it tonight.

  2. Chris and I wonder if the more the press talks about her, the more celebrity she becomes. Like when they kept complaining about "Why are we talking about Britney Spears!?? She doesn't matter!" - but of course she mattered because kept talking about her.

    The other side of that is: she's not going away. The repubs obviously like her, and so the more information, the more she becomes a fool the better.

    But truly, when has "main street" (barf, talk about meaningless) ever known the difference between a celebrity and a fool?

  3. Let's quit playing the blame game and get back to progressing America!


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