Sunday, November 23, 2008

the obama's right to choose

not sure you've heard yet, but the obamas are moving to washington, d.c.

they've found a house. (one of the previous tenants, a gal named laura, even gave michelle obama a little tour"I showed her the closets, I showed her all the things that women are interested in.") they've chosen a school for their girls. they're looking for a dog that won't make malia sneeze too much.

and now comes the hard part: they've got to pick a church.

david waters from the washington post's on faith
As the first African-American First Family, will they be criticized if they choose a black church, or if they don't? If they choose a white pastor, or if they don't? If they choose a United Methodist or American Baptist congregation rather than a historically black denomination? If they choose a church across town, or in a tonier part of town rather than one near the White House?

After the Wright fiasco, dare they choose another church in the liberal United Church of Christ denomination, or another pastor who subscribes to black liberation theology? And if they don't, will they be criticized for bowing to political pressures? Just about any choice they make will be seen as political by some.
yes, by some.

who, i wonder, are the "some?" certainly not me. i couldn't care less which church the obamas choose. even waters goes on to say that maybe the obamas should "spend the next four to eight years visiting every possible house of worship from Baptist to Buddhist, from Methodist to Mormon to Muslim, from Catholic to Jewish to Pentecostal. It would be a great learning experience for the First Family and for all of us." maybe they should spend a chunk of time not going to church, too. last i heard, that's legal in the u.s.

honestly, i don't even want to know. it's none of my business, and it's none of yours.

who does want to know? who will criticize the obamas for which church they choose, or scrutinize their choice? (privately and/or publicly?)

the answer to that question says more about religion in our society than anything else.

UPDATE: 1:12 pm – it appears that lately, instead of going to church, barack obama is treating something else like a temple.

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