Thursday, November 20, 2008

huckle-berry crazy

mike huckabee is confused. and – i know you think he's charming and folksy and all – he's kinda evil.

first, he tells the ladies of the view that comparisons between the african-american civil rights movement and the gay rights movement aren't legitimate, because, you know, homosexuals haven't met that violence threshold of being hosed down, or having their skulls cracked.

(let me take a breath here and say to mikey – and others – that homosexuals have been hung and beaten and murdered for their sexual orientation; mike may not have paid attention to it the way we have. but i don't think anyone wants to compare that with what has been done to african-amercians in this country. i don't. nor do i think a tit-for-tat between the two groups is the point. i do, however, think the way the law approaches each group is worthy of comparison.)

but if that weren't enough, huckabee later told bill bennett that proposition 8 didn't ban same-sex marriage. maybe the huckster needed to read the wording of prop 8 a little more closely.

(oh, and p.s. that thumping beat and high belting you hear coming from the west is gay marriage in california saying, "i'm not dead yet!")

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