Thursday, October 23, 2008

yes. we can.

republicans like to mock obama's big speeches. what would it be like to have a president who can actually inspire us? we've had the opposite for far too long.

here is one of the reasons i support obama for president.


  1. I am weeping at this. At the thought that someone so great could be the president during my lifetime.....

  2. That is just beautiful and even more so for its location -- in Richmond VA, my hometown. The former capital of the Confederate States of America, but also the home of America's first black governor.

    I sure hope he got to have some fine bbq and limeade from Bill's -- that's what I dream about. (But I digress.)

    It just gives me chills to think that we can have this kind of leadership -- genuine, transformative, inclusive. I and many others have been waiting to be part of the destiny of the nation, to be asked to step forward and contribute in a meaningful way. This is it.


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