Friday, October 10, 2008

when in doubt, go negative cute!

this made me quite happy.

in what the new york times calls a paint-peeling new ad against barack obama, john mccain goes even more negative! but the best part – and you have to watch the ad for this– at the end of the commercial, playing quietly underneath mccain saying "i'm grumpy mcgrumperson and i approved this message" is what? oh no, what is that? it's a JINGLE!

yes, john mccain now has his own tiny, yet unmistakable melody that will stick in your noodle just like those familiar notes for att, or the little bank of american vibraphone melody, or the yellow pages phone first, or intel inside!

throughout most of the spot, the music is ominous and scary, the images dark and spooky. then, seemingly out of nowhere, it's cute! happy! positive! it's mccain is saying, "see world? those guys are icky and evil! but me? i'm as happy as a teletubby!"

seriously, i watched this ad about five times this morning just to hear the sweet little tune that from this day forward will forever make the think, "john mccain."

UPDATE 10/11/08newsweek finds the ad is "groundless, false, and dubious."

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  1. Sounds a little like NBC's "The More You Know" jingle. Makes me wanna vote for gramps and poor man's tina!


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