Thursday, October 16, 2008

the plumber guy...jim, jack...whatever

could joe the plumber take hold and turn the mccain campaign around? how about senator obama, i am not george bush? how about the press, hungry for a big story, pushing a mccain comeback line?

by the way: the median expected salary for a typical plumber in the united states is $37,514. in other words, the average plumber, unmarried and without dependants, would get a $500 tax cut under barack obama. ($0 under john mccain.)

UPDATE 10/17/08 – say it ain't so, joe!

commenter jeff is right, mccain was talking about joe buying the small business he works for, and the above example would be for his individual income taxes.

but commenters christine, amy and aaron are also right: joe is not a licensed plumber, his first name is not joe, he's a registered republican, he owes some back taxes, and more than likely, even if he did purchase the plumbing business he works for, he would not have to pay higher taxes under Obama’s plan, and probably would be eligible for a tax cut.

more details here.

UPDATE 10/17/08 9:50 a.m – say it ain't so joe sam!

joe's name, samuel joseph wurzelbacher, is actually spelled incorrectly on his voter registration card (wurzelbacher is mistakenly spelled with an 'o' - worzelbacher.)

wouldn't it be ironic if poor ol' joe the plumber joe the guy who does plumbing work was purged from the voter rolls because of this error and didn't get to vote on november 4th?


  1. but wasn't mccain referring to Bill the Plumber as wanting to buy a business - which would put him over the salary amount you blogged about? don't ask me what my point is, tony...i don't know. i'll be sending you an Emmy picture toniteeeeee! will you post it? gotta get in on this circus you've created!

  2. It's come out that he's not even a licensed plumber. He works for a small firm so he doesn't have to be licensed. Apparently it's causing his customers some concern - they don't like the idea of someone unlicensed working on their pipes.

  3. Barack's plan would actually be good for Plumber (or should that be "Plumber"?) Joe's business -- he cuts taxes on small business, subsidizes their health care costs, and completely eliminates capital gains tax on small business investment.




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