Thursday, October 16, 2008

the phone rings...

...your mother answers, and she hears this:

it's happening in wisconsin, new mexico, virginia, maine, florida, missouri, north carolina, and elsewhere.

aren't you proud to be a republican?

UPDATE 10/18/08 – mccain is using the same robocall firm that smeared him in 2000.

UPDATE 10/19/08 republican senators hit mccain for the robocalls. but only because they're in tough re-election battles.  (there's motivation to have some integrity!)


  1. My field organizer played this for me tonight. I did think it was very sporting that they said "Democratic colleagues" rather than "Democrat cronies."

  2. aren't political calls considered part of the do not disturb/do not call list? instrusive bastards - dems or reps, makes no difference.

  3. this is about much more than the do not call list. this is not about calls interrupting the dinner hour. this is not about an intrusive annoyance.

    this is about the republican national committee and the mccain campaign calling my 77-year old father in waterford, wisconsin and telling him he needs to be worried about barack obama's connection to a terrorist who "killed americans."

    this is not about economic policy. it's not about health care, or obama's record, or his proposals for the country. it's about mccain sitting across a table from obama during the final debate, looking him in the eye and saying "i don't care about some washed up terrorist" while at the same time giving the go-ahead to make these calls. that's pathetic and hypocritical, and the calls are inflammatory and designed to induce fear.

    in the 2000 campaign, the same types of calls were made AGAINST mccain, telling people he'd fathered an illegitimate black child. calls made by the bush campaign.

    find some evidence that the democrats are doing the same thing - not the calls, but the content, i.e. show me they're lying about mccain's past associations or his character - and i'll agree it's deplorable.

    the democrats aren't doing it. the republicans are.

    there's the "difference."


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