Wednesday, October 15, 2008

mccain-san v. obama-san

i will be watching the final presidential debate from a tokyo hotel room this morning (japan is 14 hours ahead of hempstead, n.y.) and then immediately rushing off to a lengthy dress rehearsal (the dresses and the rehearsal will be lengthy) for the 2008 disney on classic tour (eight singers in tuxes and evening gowns, the tokyo philharmonic, and an evening of classic disney music.)

for all of you still dealing with wednesday night, good news: thursday morning is stunning (at least in tokyo.) in fact, if you stick your head tight into the corner of my window, the view includes a sliver of majestic mount fuji. (couldn't get it in the photo though.)


  1. tony,

    are you going to keep us all abreast as to your Asian goings-ons on Tuesdays or a secondary blog you did before?

    be safe and break a leg to both you and Rob,



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