Monday, October 13, 2008

mccain pledges to whip obama

this is going to be john mccain's big comeback week folks, so hold onto your hats.
  • MONDAY: he's unveiling a new economic plan today giving an "i'm hitting reset on my entire campaign" speech (and why not try to completely remake yourself when there's less than three weeks to go until election day and we've endured the longest presidential campaign in history? i say – just in time grampa!)
  • TUESDAY: since mccain will already be in virginia for a huge rally with tina fey sarah palin, he might want to drop by the office of the virginia republican party chairman jeffrey m. frederic and have a little chat. (frederic has been busy telling mccain campaign volunteers how similar barack obama and osama bin laden are.)
  • WEDNESDAY: he's going to whip some obama ass in the debate (or so he says: "i'm going to whip my opponent's you-know-what." considering the hate that's been stirred up by his campaign recently, it's a truly unfortunate choice of words.)
  • THURSDAY: he's gonna grovel at david letterman's feet (which will be a huge deal, of course, following the big debate win on wednesday, remember, when mccain whips obama's ass. and yes, he really said that.)
  • ONGOING: to top it all off, matt drudge is shilling for mccain talking up the fact that there has been some narrowing in the polls. (guess matt didn't see this one.)
and speaking of polls: let's not count our chickens, but no candidate has ever lost with a lead like this since modern polling begain in 1936.

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  1. If he'd said "KICK his you-know-what," it wouldn't be quite as unfortunate as using the term "whip." Just like if he'd said, "That guy," instead of "that one," it wouldn't have seemed as dismissive.


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