Wednesday, October 15, 2008

long island smackdown

some quick thoughts on the final presidential debate:

mccain came out stronger than usual. he seemed revved up and prepared for a fight. obama seemed like himself. that said, i thought there was a pretty clear shift right around the ayers/acorn subject. when those didn't seem to ruffle obama, when in fact he discounted both pretty clearly and kept wanting to come back to issues, mccain, i think, never really recovered. he didn't lose it, but he never reached the heights he might have.

then there were mccain's facial reactions to obama's answers. similar to gore's sighing in 2000, they will be played on youtube over and over.

mccain often seems flustered, and confused, throwing out the kitchen sink. obama is much more clear, sometimes to the point of being boring. in this campaign, boring works. when mccain is condescending to obama, the right wing might like it, but i think independants are turned off.

it's just wrapping up, but i wouldn't be surprised to see opinion polls calling this a tie, or giving mccain a slight edge. still, in this environment, that's good for obama. there was no knockout punch.

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  1. The polls on CNN following the debate score it a clear victory for Obama. McCain did not make a convincing case tonight; he seemed old, bitter and - as the night went on - worn out. Nothing here to turn the tide in recent national polls. It could be a landslide - as long as the polling machines work.


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