Sunday, October 26, 2008

japan blog love

i did my fair share of blogging about japan during last year's disney on classic tour. seeing this world through not-so-new eyes is nearly as interesting as seeing it for the first time. i'm fascinated with what i remember about the country and culture, what i missed, and what i saw in 2007 that looks different with a second look.

if you're jonesin' for a totally fresh perspective on this experience, this is danny mcnie's first year with d.o.c. and he's recently started a blog. (and he's got great some great video.)

if you want the viewpoint of the old master, our esteemed conductor, brad kelly (who was instrumental in d.o.c.'s inception) is also a new blogger and it's interesting to get his take on the experience. brad posts some beautiful photos as well.

all-in-all, with danny on one end, brad on the other, and me sandwiched in between, it's a japan/d.o.c. full meal deal.

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