Wednesday, October 8, 2008

i'm looking through you

the weekend before the mccain campaign announced that sarah palin's daughter bristol was pregnant, there were rumours swirling around certain parts of the blogosphere about the parentage of another palin: baby trig.

since then, andrew sullivan has been accused of being a major part of circulating those rumours, when in fact he's only been asking for medical records of trig palin's birth, nothing more. not that different, actually, from the transparency sarah palin demanded and got from her opponent while running for mayor of wasilla, alaska:
In her first race for mayor of Wasilla, she demanded the marriage license of her opponent be made public. Why? Because his wife kept her maiden name - and Palin deemed that sufficiently unusual to demand total transparency. If that level of transparency is necessary for the race for Wasilla mayor, why is it "unspeakable" for the vice-presidency of the United States? Is being mayor of Wasilla more significant than possibly being US president?

sullivan hasn't given up. and strangely enough, has yet to come up with any public record of trig palin's birth.

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