Tuesday, October 7, 2008

the great awkward debate

some thoughts tonight's debate:
  • sparks: for all the pre-debate talk about sparks flying, aggression and taking the gloves off, it was pretty darn boring and kinda awkward. i kept waiting for mccain to slug obama or call him a terrorist.
  • that one: mccain referred to obama as "that one" at one point. not senator obama, or even barack. "that one." does anyone else find that completely, utterly offensive?
  • economics 101: i thought obama explained the economic crisis much more clearly than any candidate has so far. and he answered that man's question about the bailout package, and did it without being condescending, like mccain.
  • it's a right: mccain thinks health care in this country is a "responsibility." obama thinks it is a right.
  • grampa gets lost: mccain looked equal parts burgess meredith as the penguin, dick cheney, richard nixon, and the hunchback of notre dame. didn't it seem like he was just sort of wandering around upstage during a lot of obama's answers? several times he looked like a nursing home patient who'd lost his walker. i'm completely serious.
  • change: barack obama is taller, younger, and has a much prettier smile. john mccain is...well...the penguin. he's got physical issues related to his being tortured as a p.o.w. and that's terrible. but if the topic is "change," and you've got these two men standing on stage together, well..."one of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong."
  • polls: two snap polls immediately after the debate showed obama winning:
    cbs – obama 40%, mccain 26%
    cnn – obama 54%, mccain 30%
  • the handshake: from time magazine:
    "Did you see that moment at the end, when Obama and McCain were working the room with their wives? Obama seemed to move towards McCain, as if he wanted to exchange a few words. McCain pointed to his wife, telling Obama to shake Cindy's hand. McCain then turned away."
    i thought they shook hands right at the end of the debate...no? when brokaw asked them to not block his teleprompter?
  • gamechanger: it wasn't. for mccain, that is. for obama, i think it solidifies his support, and his image as a strong, thoughtful and stable leader. i bet his poll numbers continue a slow, steady rise. is mccain saving rezko and ayers for the last debate? a last resort?

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